Epiphany Consulting

Helping you think, solve problems, and experience
"light-bulb moments"

Epiphany Consulting

Helping you think, solve problems, and experience
"light-bulb moments"


What it is

An Epiphany Consultant helps people solve problems. With the right approach, solving the problems can lead to an epiphany, or a "light-bulb moment."

The consultations are discussion oriented. The conversations revolve around a series of interconnected questions:  

  • How do you currently think?
  • What type of problems do you typically solve? 
  • How do you solve them?  
  • What is the scale of the problems you solve?  
  • How much stimulation is in your environment? 
  • How much control do you have over the stimulation?  
  • Is there a larger problem that you would like to solve? 
  • How could you adjust your thought process, and your environment, to solve such a problem? 

The questions get more specific as the conversation takes shape. Research and theory are introduced along the way. 

Meet Dave

Dave Howell started the epiphany process by teaching university courses in Creative Thinking. He still teaches, but consulting provides one-to-one and small-group venues, so individuals can better understand their thought processes and problem solving approaches. 

Dave is also an author and professor. Check out his book, The Descent into Happiness. He has an Individual Interdisciplinary Ph.D. from Washington State University and a Masters of Fine Arts from The University of Alaska, Fairbanks. He lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The takeaways

  1. Experience an epiphany.
  2. Solve a problem. 
  3. Learn how to solve large problems.


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